There are about 60 students every year in College of Physics, School of Science and Engineering, except for the first year. 15 students among those 60 are entering School of Comprehensive Studies for the first year. Then, they will join College of Physics at the second year.

Entrance examination Capacity Dates
推薦入試 14 November
個別学力検査(前期日程)学類・専門学群選抜 20 February
個別学力検査(後期日程)学類・専門学群選抜 8  March
外国学校経験者特別入試 3  November
個別学力検査(前期日程)総合選抜 (15)  February

For foreign students, there is “Global Student Selection”「外国学校経験者特別入試」. College of Physics accepts three students from this.

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